To make Alexander’s birth announcement complete, here is a little text about him that we wished to share with you:


Of course, we had a thought for the supposed ‘perfect child’ you could have been.

We also had a somewhat painful reminder of your second older brother
who never came to see the light of day and would most probably have lived
a much more difficult life than you will.

We thought about other potentials later trials which might have failed anyway.

We thought a lot about Matthieu, your already loving brother,
with his eyes full of questions yet filled with warmth when he looks at you,
and about making sure he doesn’t come short of anything.


But most of all, we are thankful.

Yes, thankful for the fact that you have an identified and very well-known disability
and not one of those that people have been researching about for years without
exactly identifying them.

Thankful that you were not born prematurely in the seventh month of pregnancy,
the way you almost did, which would have been very dangerous.

Thankful that you have somehow chosen us as hopefully fit to be your parents,
because it makes us special.

Thankful for the speed and the easiness with which you were born, in comparison to Matthieu,
and the good character you have already shown us.

Thankful for all the smiles and the small victories you are going to share with us.

We will not let your Syndrome put us down but are trustful that hope
will lift us all up and that it will open people’s minds and hearts.

Thank you, Alexander, for enriching our lives.


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